1. How do i post a FREE advertisment ?

    To post a FREE advertisement just press the PUBLISH NEW +  button and your good to go.We do recommend registering though all you need to do is provide an email address and a password of your choice. You will then have the option off login back into the platform to BUMP YOUR ADVERT TO THE VERY TOP. Word of advice remember your login in details you will be asked to enter them when login back… Read more.

  2. How many pictures can i ad to my FREE advertisement ?

    You can add upto 10 images per one advertisement  Read more.

  3. Can i link my free advertisement to my website ?

    Yes at Sell Your Stuff . ie all adverts can link back to your website.There is an option to link your website in your advert description also there is an add website button when creating your FREE advert as well so we got you covered. Read more.

  4. What is Sell Your Stuff . ie ?

    Sell Your Stuff . ie is a FREE community based online advertising platformWhich allows anyone post adverts online that doesn't contain adult , tobacco , or gambling related adverts  Read more.

  5. Can i add a You Tube video to my advertisement ?

    The answer is YES there is an option to link your YouTube video to your advert.In the description there will be a You Tube button option. Here is an example of what it will look like  Read more.

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