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Where to buy and sell in Ireland. Here are some interesting facts.Irish organizations invested more than 20 percent on online advertising in Ireland in 2019 which is set to rise in 2020.

Firms spent around €264m on mobile advertising, while tablets and desktop advertisements got financing of €227m – a sum of €491m. 

Classified ads likewise performed very well a year ago, flaunting a 22 percent year-on-year development rate and a 7 percent all out online promotion spend share. 


As indicated by the report, Irish people will visit 7.29 websites every day on there mobile devices looking to buy and sell in Ireland or just general searches. That's well over the worldwide average of 5.82.

If you have a business it's a must to start an online advertising campaign to tap into to this targeted buying or selling traffic. 

With the help of mobile devices it's so easy now for people to access the internet with a push of a button. Gone are the days of pulling out the yellow pages and flicking through endless pages searching for a business or products.

With Sell Your its simple and easy to place an online advertisement in Ireland. Its for free given you a chance to tap into this targeted traffic online.

We are going to discuss different online selling platforms on the market for 2020

Also which is the best website to buy and sell Ireland. We will also show traffic figures that each website gets.

Below we take a look at some of the big players in the advertising industry.

Im going to introduce you to some large traffic websites. Actually I'm gonna tell  you guys how many people come visit each of  these websites and what percent of people actually shop there you'll be shocked about how many billions of people you're missing out on so stick around for some interesting facts. 


Who hasn't heard of the god of shopping online that is Amazon. Now there's a lot of good things and there's a lot of bad things about Amazon that some people don't chat about.

Now number one fact is the website receives over 2.3 billion people a month with over 72 percent of those people being from America. It really has become a household name and you literally can buy and sell anything on this large advertising platform which is great.

The downside to Amazon well there's a lot first off all Amazon really request a high fee.They request around a 10 to 12 percent on whatever you decide to sell they'll also charge you for a listing fee.

If you're a new seller it's also really hard because every single one of these items that you post have to be photo shopped in order to meet that white background that Amazon require now there are companies out there that will offer that  service but it's just in fact that it's very inconvenient.

Another thing that is not great about Amazon is their hierarchy system. Say there was company selling a fishing rod and you decided to sell the same fishing rod the problem is as a new seller it's very hard to get started especially if you have no ratings I mean right now there's a legal lawsuit over Amazon and Fiverr.

There suing each other because people are purchasing reviews from websites and Amazon felt that that was ruining their system the problem is is that it's almost impossible for these new sellers like you and me to make sales because it's just really difficult as a new seller to rank when you have people with 4200 positive reviews so that's my review in a nutshell about Amazon.

I think it's good and bad but if you're new selling on Amazon I would probably stay away until you get some professional help from someone that is experienced.

I'm sure you have all heard about eBay. eBay receives around 1.1 billion views a month with around 62% of those people being from America now there are some good and bad things are about eBay.

The good thing is that it's so easy to post your item they don't ask for much information so its very simple to ad a post to the site. They will even tell you how many people clicked and viewed on your ad now there is one bad problem that a lot of people are not happy about that eBay has done awhile ago that actually upset a lot of people. 

If you type in earrings in the search bar your going to see that these prices are really cheap I mean they're selling earrings from China for 77 cents.

eBay decided to let the Chinese manufacturers in a few years ago and attempt to sort of revive the company it was a good thing for eBay but a lot of sellers from America jumped shipped.

The entire page is all about Chinese manufacturers selling there products so they flooded the market on eBay to give people a very competitive price but at the same time they've really annoyed a lot of people so that's why a lot of sellers on eBay have abandoned ship and have gone to Amazon or other websites to sell because it's very competitive rates. 

I personally i think eBay for beginners is not bad at all i actually really recommend it it's not difficult I've helped people sell on eBay before anybody can do it they make it very user friendly so go ahead and try eBay .

Now next up is Facebook you can now integrate your WordPress site with Facebook so you can start selling your products on Facebook directly. It receives 23.40 billion visitors monthly on average

People can like it people can share it also people can tweet it this is what makes Facebook really lucrative because the power of sharing commenting on post liking posts all that is like wildfire.

With the integration of your whole website it's very easy if somebody clicks on the like button they're actually brought to your website so this is a really excellent way to bring traffic to your website.  

Etsy is a website with tons of creative people from all over the world who sell handmade products. It receives around 233.67 million visitors monthly.

From greeting cards to jewelry to clothing if its handmade made you can probably find it on etsy it lets anyone sell their own items without the cost of opening a store you can open an online store on etsy for free and sell all of your handmade items to people all over the world.

As a buyer you can browse etsy for gifts or a friend or for yourself . you can also use etsy to sell vintage items as well. There's a whole section for vintage items which is great for both buyers and sellers whether you're a buyer or seller I recommend setting up a free etsy profile so you can start selling today.

Google Shopping is a game changer. Its a service provided by the king that is Google. What it does is It allow customers to search for, view items and compare products all in one go. It receives around 77.86 billion visitors monthly

All the items will be displayed when a customer types into Google to search for a product. The product will appear at the top of the search engine results page or under the shopping tab.

This will give you access to highly targeted traffic that are already in the mind frame of wanting to purchase items.

To get started as a retailer with Google Shopping you will need to sign upto two platforms.

1, Google Adwords

2. Google Merchant Center

They are really simple to set up just follow the steps in each platform 

Sell Your Stuff . ie is an online classified website based in Ireland. Where people can buy and sell in Ireland with a lot of different products from cars , vans , motor bikes , second hand items , and much much more. The best part is its totally free. You can post up to 10 images , upload a video, and also leave a link back to your own website which aint bad considering its all free.

You can list your advertisement in which ever category bests suits. Its a smaller online advertising platform compared to the bigger players but its highly targeted towards the Irish marketplace. So if your looking to buy and sell in Ireland this would be ideal.

Thank you for reading our article and we hope it will help give you some help when buying or selling online.

Please feel free to share.

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