7 Small Business Marketing Tips To Help Your Business Grow

Here below are small business marketing tips which I hope will help your business for future growth.

A business is like a tree which starts from a seed and in order for that seed to grow into a tree and flourish it needs a proper foundation in which to grow.

From which starts with the soil. There has to be planning and preparation put into making the soil fertile for growth to happen. Having a strong foundation in place it is so important.

A building for example the deeper the foundations go the likely hood the structure will be able to withstand the elements.In case of a business the better it's positioned it will survive and thrive.

Tip 1. Planning And Preparing The Soil

Planning and preparing your ground or soil is key. In not doing this basic fundamental part or step will definitely lessen the impact your marketing campaign will have in the future.

With any endeavor foundations are important especially in the case of marketing. lf you have a clear vision of where your business will be situated in a couple of years from now will not only drive you but will also make you identify which approach of marketing you need in order to reach your goal and be successful.

Supporting your customers is also key if your business grows quickly have you support in place? There's nothing as bad as putting out a message of great products or customer services or if your in the buying and selling niche to let the customer down because you can not deliver as promised.

Tip 2. Planting The Seeds

Coming up with existing marketing strategies for your business that work much more efficiently is the best route to go when planting new seeds. When using existing marketing tactics or new ones be sure you always have a clear marketing objective.

There Is no point in making marketing campaigns with no aim. It's like saying to somebody who's asking for directions to an exact place "Just Go North " yes for sure they will go in the direction of North but there is very little hope they will ever end up in their destination or in the case of business attract the ideal client or new customers.

When having a really good offer or product and outlining its benefits is a really good way to prompt people to act.You Need to take your client or customer on a journey and tell them what to do. Do not Leave it up to them to make the next step. Getting future customers to act and take the next step is what is called a call to action ( CTA ) for example.







In the case of a website you can add what's called a countdown timer, it counts down hours, mins, or days till the offer expires. Works well kind of puts the pressure on in which most cases people will buy.

Tip 3. Preparing Your Crops

I'm sure by now you're clear of which type of seeds ie. your marketing tactics that you should be implementing into your business. So now they have bitten the bait it's time to start reeling them in.

A lot of business fail at this point on the journey. They put all the hard work in at the start .Created the core message and branding. All the best tools in place in order to oversee how well things are really progressing in the business.

The most important key area of their marketing tactics is turning or converting prospects into paying customers and keeping new customers so often received little or no attention at all.

In order for your marketing tactics to be cost-effective your business will need a system and procedure in place for following up. A lot of potential customers may be really interested in your product or service in which you offer. but without any follow-up calls or emails customers will fall through the cracks.

So as i said they have bitten the bait now it's time to reel them in.

Example Below.







Tip 4. Gathering Your Crops

Now we have already gone through how the importance of creating good communications that will attract clients or customers and having a natural process of following up to reel them in.

Once You have the client or customer there is a lot of opportunities to sell more products or services its called up selling. The Most important thing is to have systems in place which will do this every single time without fail. And a team you built must implement the power of up selling which will reduce the use of discounting wherever possible.

Its your Responsibility to make sure the customer gets everything they can from your business when making a purchase rather than having to go to another business for related items or services.

For example Amazon the biggest selling market place on the planet. When you purchase something on Amazon they also show you related items or say people that purchased your item also purchased these items.

See they are making sure you do not have to leave Amazon to purchase elsewhere its very powerful.

Tip 5. Continuing To Gather Your Crops

Relationships you have built up will enable you to attract much more and better customers which in turn will increase your sales and turn over. What is important is to have a number of marketing avenues in place that can leverage what you already have.

Which you will earn more in the long run. Getting customers or clients is so important that it is the lifeblood of any business. Holding on to them is just as important.The key Is to split your time between winning and keeping customers to remain in business.

A lot of small businesses have falling at this so simple step. Your brain needs to be zoned in on looking at ways to increase your sales after an initial purchase.

Remember what I was saying about Amazon offering more products after or before purchasing. Also follow up with customers as often as possible to build a relationship which in turn will result in reoccurring sales as they feel a trust factor which makes them comfortable with your business.

Tip 6. Getting New Crops To Grow

You will need multiple marketing channels to attract new customers not everyone is on Facebook or listens to the radio especially in today's world of technology i truly believe social media and Google are the number one platforms the younger generation live by.


They always have there phone in there hand nearly all the time.If they are looking for a product or service they will Google it straight away. What's Even more scary is they dont even have to type into Google on their phones to find a product or service.

They just use Google Voice Search and talk into the phone which if you're not on Google you will not show up. It's the future folks trust me. Getting on Google naturally you need to do what's called SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization here is a video on the topic for those who dont understand.. Or you can do paid ads which will cost you every time somebody clicks on your ad.

It works great though you get highly targeted customers from Google Ad Words.

Tip 7. Getting To Know How Much Your Crops Will Produce

I have now giving you a few ranges of new marketing and advertising solutions for your business which will enable you to attract more new customers or clients. It's not just enough to plan and implement marketing tactics you also have to measure and manage them to give you a better idea results which will maximize return on your investment and in time your money.

Analyse all the data you get and considerate the results as it will be those results that will make you as a business man or woman and your business successful. Thank you for reading my article i hope it brought a lot of it information thank you

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